Adapting From Community to Community

After everything we did in 2012, we stepped back to think about what to do next. So much of what we did enlightened us to this idea that we can’t just solve one part of a very complicated problem. This was no longer about making a usable, desirableĀ application to increase access, but rather how a to support a system like that by building demand. And that’s a very hard question to answer. We feel pretty confident in saying that the answer is going to change from community to community.

While that may seem obvious, that doesn’t mean each community has entirely unique needs, problems or desires. There is a lot of overlap. There are people in these communities working very hard to enact change, to teach healthy eating, and to increase access. All of that is very hard.

So we’re going learning from those people, who we’ve encountered over the last year and others that we’re just getting to meet now. We have ideas that we’ve uncovered that we think will help, but we need their feedback, their criticism and their ideas. What would work in their community? How would they implement it? Can we package that and use it somewhere else? How do we get these tools into the right hands?

These are the questions we’re asking right now, working with some great people that are dedicating massive effort to bettering their communities. We want to help amplify those efforts, both in their locales and in other places that can learn from them.