Popping-Up in Cleveland

Concept: three or four healthy, ready-to-make meal kits texted to your phone, you respond with what you want, and pick them up at an institution in your neighborhood.

That’s what MAYA tested in Lakewood, Ohio, with the help of City Fresh and LEAF Community. We set up shop at their local community night and recruited people to try out our text interface, along with testing their expectations about what would be delivered with a service like this. We continue to learn how people really make decisions regarding food.

Food Oasis van

This idea was based on limiting choice, rather than increasing choice. While offering only a few possibilities, consumers liked the simplicity of getting healthy options that didn’t make them think too much—which fits their state of mind at the end of a long working day.

Food Oasis tent

One way to frame this problem is this: make something that’s more attractive than a dollar cheeseburger. It’s easy, people like it, and they know it. Can we push something relatively inexpensive? Yes. Can we make something delicious? Sure. Will people want it? That’s the question. Access is part of the equation, but making newly accessible healthy choices attractive will be a possibly bigger part of the solution.